Wholewheat Honey Loaf

Wholewheat Honey Loaf

This recipe is from Maree Tink of Simply Sourdough and Sourdough Baking Australia fame. It’s a 100% wholegrain loaf that really elevates the flavour in our spitfire wholewheat flour. The honey makes for a beautifully soft and sweet loaf that we can’t get enough of!

This is the first recipe in our Bake the World a Better Place collection. Partly inspired by our dear friend John Reid, who passed away last year, we’ve asked our community to share recipes that they feel make the world a little bit better. Ultimately, we see baking as an act of caring for land and community. Whether it’s baking with healthy, local, organic or regeneratively produced ingredients, baking bread for a new neighbour, or making cupcakes for a fundraiser. If you have anything you might like to share, please email Courtney at hello@woodstockflour.com.au

‘I never fully understood the importance some things such as support for local producers, awareness of our First Nations People and integrity of produce until I listened to John Reid speak of such things. The ability to challenge people to think beyond their comfort zone is a special talent, John was loaded with such talent. I’m only a tiddler in a very big pond, but I try and share, support and promote the values he demonstrated as much as possible. Such a loss, most of all to John’s special family, but also to those he had touched in his wider circles and those who sadly won’t have the opportunity to be touched by his intellect and vision directly. It is up to us to keep the dream growing and moving forward. John Reid, thank you.’ - Maree Tink

Maree’s Wholewheat Honey-900g loaf

  • Spitfire Wholewheat flour 100% - 424g

  • Starter 15% - 63g

  • Water 86% - 364g

  • Honey 10% - 42g

  • Salt 2% - 9g

Mix the flour, water and salt together with the water and let sit at least 30 minutes. Remix then plonk the honey on the top and let sit for a couple of hours. Feed starter at same time, continue once starter is ripe. 

Add the starter, incorporate well and let sit for 30 mins. Do two sets of stretch and folds at 30 min intervals. Do another couple of stretch and folds at ~30 min intervals using coil folds. Bulk ferment (Maree starts mix at 9.30am and shapes at 6.30pm).

Pre-shape, rest ~15minutes, final shape and place into banneton. Put into fridge overnight. Bake next day using a Dutch Oven at 230c for 20mins lid on, reduce heat to 210c, remove lid and bake a further 20 mins or until internal temp is >96c.

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