Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best flour for bread making? 

Our Spitfire Wholewheat Flour and Bakers Flour are the best for baking as they are high in protein (12%) and have great elasticity and strength. These flours are a little bit thirsty so be sure to increase hydration appropriately (we mix at 80% or higher).

How should I store flour? 

Our flour is best used within 3 months and stored in an airtight container in a cool dark place. To extend its shelf life by a couple of months you could try storing the flour in a container in the fridge. Our flours are stoneground and retain the oil rich bran and germ of the grain kernel, which oxidises over time. Fresh is best for optimum flavour and nutritional value. 


How should I store grain? 

Upon receiving your grain it can be useful to pop your grain in the freezer for at least 48hours. This makes sure your grain is free from little bugs. You can then store your grain in a cool, dark place in an airtight container for 12 months or more. 

Our grain is Certified Organic which means we don't use any insecticides or fungicides. To manage insects we store our grain in temperature controlled silos with carbon dioxide. However, it's still good practice for to freeze the grain at home if you'll be storing the grain for a long time. 


Is your flour fortified? 

No, we do not fortify our flour with folic acid.

Is your flour Certified Organic? 

The grain we use is Certified Organic through Australian Certified Organic. Our flour mill is not yet certified but we follow organic processing requirements and only use certified grain. 


Do you use Genetically Modified material?

No, we do not use GM material. We only use Certified Organic grain and we do not support the growing and processing of GM foods.